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Besides great hotels, resorts and holiday homes, there are many ways to spend your time on the islands. Go out and explore the shores, beaches and seas of the Turks and Caicos. The Turks and Caicos Islands have world class diving spots, fishing ground, walking trails and excellent snorkeling waters.

In 2012 the World Travel Awards voted the islands the world's best beach destination. It's no secret that this archipelago owns a wide variety of stunning beach locations. See our top 10.

The islands are surrounded by the third-largest coral reef in the world. It's a diving paradise first class. There are many diving guides and diving schools available where you can experience the best diving and snorkeling time of your life.

Fishing used to be the most important industry of the Turks and Caicos. For now, it's mostly tourists who are charging the seas. Plenty of quality fishing grounds available after you finished your official paper work. Get use to the rules and be advised by a local guide.

On the archipelago you can find three golf courses.

Go out and explore the many bays, inlets, shores and tiny islands. There are many tour operators available who offer you great sailing and cruising tours.

Adventure Tours
For some action and excitement the Turks and Caicos Islands can offer you a great variey of sports and adventure tours. Water sports are very popular around the beautiful shores. Or you can explore the islands on the many dirt tracks and walking trails.

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