North Caicos

North Caicos, nicknamed the “Emerald Isle,” has the largest rainfall of all of the Turks and Caicos Islands making it the most lush and abundant of the chain. The island, which has a population of just 1,500 people, is 12 miles northeast of Providenciales and accessed by a 30 minute ferry ride. Many people opt to visit North Caicos on a day trip. Once on land, rental cars or bikes are common way for tourists to zip between the main populated areas of Bottle Creek Village, Whitby, Kew and Sandy Point.

North Caicos
North Caicos

Traditionally, the island attracted bird-watching enthusiasts who flocked to see the famous pink flamingos, ospreys and other birds. Close to Sandy Point, where the ferry lands, is Cottage Pond, a deep 255 feet deep vertical cave. Here small water birds, called grebes, can be seen feeding. Further east at Flamingo Pond Overlook, the 1000-strong flock of pink flamingos lives in a protected reserve in the tidal flats and swamp lands. And at Pelican Point in Whitby, the rare whistling duck resides.

Recent developments in hotel construction mean that bird watchers are no longer North Caicos only visitors. Newer arrivals come in search for North Caicos famously empty white sand beaches. The majority of the beaches on North Caicos are found off the 8.5 mile long north coast. After Sandy Point lies Three Mary Cays, a beautiful stretch of deserted white sand with three rocky islets jutting out from the tropical blue water. This idyllic spot provides seclusion and wonderful opportunities for snorkeling. Next comes Pumpkin Bluff, a cliff side beach with an interesting ship wreck, followed by Whitby Beach and finally Horsestable Beach. Whitby Beach is where the majority of the hotels are located and offers the best opportunities for swimming.

Aside from beaches, the islands provide a chance to glimpse some interesting Caribbean history at the Wades Plantation Kew. The farm features tropical vegetation and the remains of a plantation run by colonists who remained loyal to Great Britain during the American Revolution. The plantation should be accessed as part of a guided tour or in a 4x4.

Hotels and resorts in North Caicos

Pelican Beach Hotel
Whitby, North Caicos
Stay at the Pelican Beach Hotel Pelican Beach Hotel is one of the well known hotels among tourists that visit the Turks and Caicos Islands. Being well known, it attracts many tourists every year, during all seasons. It is located on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Turks and Caicos Island... read more
Caicos Beach Condominiums
Whitby, North Caicos
[img=129] Formerly known as the Ocean Beach Hotel and Condominiums, the Caicos Beach Condominiums is a small, mid-range luxury property on the North Caicos island. North Caicos is the second largest island in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Situated 12 miles northeast of Providenciales, North Caic... read more

Location of North Caicos

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