The Somerset on Grace Bay

The villas, suites, restaurants and spa service at The Somerset at Grace Bay are just ice creams on the cake as the beach completes the property. Still, ice cream is delicious which the information below is very essential to check.

Villas and Suites Checklist
Guest room is one of the most important things that travelers add in their checklist. It is their temporary nest while having a vacation in their dream destination. The Somerset on Grace Bay has no problem delivering any of their guest’s needs as they provide complete amenities for their comfortable stay.

• Garden Villas – These are one or two-story townhome-style suites that offer manicured croquet lawn which gives the perfect garden view. It is located near the pool and the beach.

• Estates –The location of the estates is the closest from Grace Bay. It is a one-to-a-floor accommodation which features 1,2,3-bedroom. The property has four estates namely Carlyle Estate, Flintwick Estate, Dundee Estate and Welwyn Estate. The 5-bedroom penthouse is located at the Welwyn Estate.

• Stirling House – This Villa Suites are composed of two accommodations which include the Ocean Villas and the Pool Villas. The Ocean Villas features an ocean view from the terrace/balcony as well as overlooking of the two pools in the property. The Pool Villas only offer the pool views from the terrace. The 275 sq. ft. queen guest rooms are also located at Stirling House.

The suites and villas have the standard amenities for its category such as luxurious bathrooms, whirlpool tubs, gourmet kitchen, washer and dryer, iPOD docking stations, flat screen TVs, DVD/CD multi-room sound system, air conditioning with thermostat control, ceiling fans, complimentary Wi-Fi and complimentary parking.

Beach Dining & Beach BBQ
Allow the professional chefs beat your culinary gift as they provide you different mouthwatering menu. You have two choices to satisfy your cravings depending on the settings you want. For the fine dining set-up, Pavilion will be your bet while the LunaSea Pool Bar & Grill is your perfect treat for the casual setting. Pavilion is noted with its five star service which serves food cooked in a Wood Stone Oven. The restaurant’s must-try includes herb-crusted lamb with Chimichurri, flank steaks with tomatillo jam and chicken with jerk bread stuffing. It also has uncooked cuisine located at the raw bar which includes the freshest seafood menu such as oysters, wahoo with mango and fashion fruit and tuna with fresh wasabi. Lobsters are also available fresh at the lobster tank. The Continental Cuisine comes from the idea of Pavilion’s Executive Chef Eric Vernice.

As the Pavilion requires you to follow a casual elegant dress code, the LunaSea Pool Bar & Grill allows you to wear casual clothes. As a matter of fact, you can come bare-footed as you wish as the bar and grill is located next to the lap pool. It is open every day serving lunch and dinner as well as the bar service.

If you frequented different hotels, you might see the same settings that Pavilion and LunaSea offers. If you’re a fan of romantic setting, you better try the Beach Dining at Grace Bay beach which provides you the sounds of the waves complemented with the tiki torches and the sunset. For a festive evening, you can try the Beach Party BBQ every Tuesday evening at the Provo beach resort. Cocktails and Caribbean menu is also available.

Romance, Kids and More
The Somerset on Grace Bay is the best destination for couples and family. This means that the property does not limit you to bring the kids as it offers a luxury family vacation especially for the kids. Your visit has a complimentary Caicos Kids Club which is available for children ages 5 to 12 years old. The club is led by a teacher and several activities are introduced to children. Among the activities that they can participate, which changes daily, are beach games, fashion show, shell collecting, sand castle collection, Junkanoo bonfire and movie night. It is also popular for beach honeymoon because of its white sand and turquoise seas. It is the best escape you can do with your partner after the wedding.

The property also has two pools such as zero-edge infinity pool and the reverse-current lap pool. The zero-edge infinity pool is near Grace Bay and the reverse-current lap pool serves the longest lap pool in Turks and Caicos measuring 138 feet. The pools have LEED-certified tiles which lights at night through solar energy.

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