Caribbean Paradise Inn

Staying in Paradise

A holiday at the Caribbean Paradise Inn is a great experience for every visitor alike. The inn provides many options for accommodation. The hotel is designed as a villa and all rooms have a king size bed, bathroom, and a kitchen. All rooms have a private balcony as well.

The rooms provide the guests with air conditioning, ceiling fans, refrigeration, ironing board, and free wi-fi. Guests can also make use of the coffee maker that is provided to them. All these facilities are provided at a very affordable price. Most guests will really enjoy their stay in one of these rooms. So while you are at this Inn, you will definitely get a very homely feeling.

The tasty food at the Inn

The Inn has a great gazebo styled restaurant that overlooks a lush tropical garden. The restaurant has a trained chef who prepares all types of dishes from local cuisine as well as international cuisine. The food is known for its great taste and is very popular with most guests. The dishes include the best seafood from the local cuisine. The local cuisine is very vibrant and is immensely appreciated by international guests. The food also appeals to children who find it very appetizing and healthy.

Indulge at the bar

In addition to the restaurant, the inn also has a bar that remains open all day and all night. The bar serves all types of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. The bar has its own DJ who plays great music for the guests while they enjoy their drinks. The bar is a great place to have fun with your friends. The bar always provides the best drinks and entertainment package.

Other facilities

The Inn provides several other facilities such as rafting, kayaking, and snorkeling. Guests who want to take advantage of these services can do so by paying a small additional fee. These activities are carried out by trained guides who accompany the guests at all times. Many guests find these additional activities to be very enjoyable because they make their visit more meaningful and allows them to explore the pristine wildlife.

How to get to the Inn

The Inn is located just a few minutes away from Grace Bay Beach by car. Being right on the main road in Provo, it is well connected by air to most cities. So, you should have no difficulty in reaching here. As soon as you reach the inn, you will immediately feel at home. You will be escorted by porters who will always be at your service throughout your stay here.


All bookings must be made in advance either online or by phone. The booking counter remains open throughout the day. Children under the age of twelve are allowed for free, but older children are charge at half the price.

In conclusion, it can be said that the Caribbean Paradise Inn provides a great experience to its guest at a very affordable price. Many guests come along with their families and children. At the end of the holiday, guests are immensely satisfied with their experience. Many will return to re live the experience again. Most guests also recommend the Inn to their friends and acquaintances.

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