Grand Turk

Grand Turk is the capital of the Turk and Caicos Archipelago. It is a diver’s paradise but also offers some interesting spots for history buffs, including the national museum and the only lighthouse on the islands. Most visitors arrive at the island on cruise ship – 550,000 a year to be exact. It is also possible to take a 30 minute flight from Providenciales which is just over 70 miles away, or to take a boat from other neighboring islands. Those arriving in private boats can get a cruising permit either here or on Providenciales which is valid for 90 days.

Cruise ship passengers will land at the Grand Turk Cruise Center, a thirteen acre, $50 million complex located on the southern end of Grand Turk which was opened in 2006. The complex has restaurants, shops, and a large swimming pool with an artificial surfing machine. Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville is a great place to stop in for a cocktail.

Cockburn town

Cockburn town
Cockburn town

About three miles north of the Cruise Center is Cockburn town, the capital of the archipelago and home to the Turks & Caicos National Museum. The national museum is located in a two story colonial house and features exhibitions about the history of the islands. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their subject and visitors will learn everything from the indigenous roots of the island to the history of the oldest excavated shipwreck in the western Hemisphere.
For more history, St. Mary's Anglican Pro-Cathedral Church, the islands first church, built over 200 years ago, is on Front Street as is the Victoria Public Library, built in 1887. Further out of town is Her Majesty’s Prison, an excellent example of classic colonial Bermudian architecture and further still, at Northeast Point is the lighthouse, a beautiful remnant of the colonial era.

Columbus National Marine Park

At just 7 miles long and 1.5 miles wide, you are always close to the sea when you are on Grand Turk and diving is one of the greatest attractions for visitors here. There are many options for beginners and experienced divers. The Columbus National Marine Park runs along the west of the island and has over 40 dive sites, all within ¼ or ½ a mile from the coast. The dive sites usually start at 25-30 feet over white sandy bottoms, with the wall plunging down to more than 7000 feet. And novice divers don’t have to worry about getting cold; water temperatures in the summer hover around the mid-80s while dropping slighting to the high 70s in winter.


The Aquarium is the most northerly dive site running down to West Hills in the south. Within this stretch there are many unique sites which have become popular. McDonalds is an aptly named site, known for the magnificent living coral arch, which can be swum under. The Black Forest is one of the most unusual dive sites on the island and has become famous for its black coral and dramatic underwater cliffs. Coral Gardens is a lush coral bed with no sand. The sea life here is abundant and a variety of friendly fish, such as yellowtail snapper, gray angelfish and groupers follow divers fanatically. Night dives are popular here. There are a number of dive schools offering diving trips from the mainland.

Perfect diving and snorkeling spots
Perfect diving and snorkeling spots


Diving isn’t the only water activity on Grand Turk. Just off the eastern coast of Grand Turk is a small island called Gibb’s Cay, a favorite spot for snorkeling. The reefs here are swarming with colorful fish, crabs, starfish and coral, but the biggest attractions are the sting rays, which slither around the feet and ankles of visitors. It’s possible to take a guided tour or rent a small boat to visit the island. There is a beautiful beach at Gibb’s Cay making it an ideal day trip.


Grand Turk has some impressive beaches as its coastline is mainly made up of sandy beaches and doesn’t have any rocky spots like its neighbors. The most popular beach of Governor's Beach, which is where the Cruise Centre is located. Between the Cruise Center and Cockburn Town is English Point, a rocky, more secluded beach. Following that is Cockburn Beach and Pillory Beach, both of which are pretty and offer pleasant swimming conditions. The eastern coast is home to Long Beach, but it can be dangerous for swimming. However, it can make for a beautiful walk.

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous it is possible to explore the island by rented bikes, scooters or horse, or to take a 4x4 offroad tour or even a dune buggy.

Hotels and resorts in Grand Turk

Osprey Beach Hotel
Cockburn Town, Grand Turk
[img=116] Accommodation at the Osprey Beach Hotel The Osprey Beach Hotel provides many different types of accommodations. If you want t make the most of your stay here, you should choose the flagship accommodation of this hotel, which is the beachfront room. There are several beachfront rooms an... read more
Island House
Cockburn Town, Grand Turk
[img=121] Family reunion is one of the heartwarming events we have in our life. We meet the relatives that we occasionally meet yet we feel that nothing has changed. At Island House, you will feel the same experience even though the hosts are total strangers. They will let you feel that you are a f... read more
Turks Head Mansion
Cockburn Town, Grand Turk
[img=126] Although many of bigger resorts on the Turks and Caicos Islands are situated in Providenciales, if you are seeking a Turk and Caicos experience deeply rooted in history, the Grand Turk Island is where you need to be. And for accommodation, you can’t ask for greater heritage than at the Tu... read more
Bohio Dive Resort
Cockburn Town, Grand Turk
[img=131] Situated away from the highly commercialized Providenciales Island, Bohio Dive Resort on Grand Turk is a resort that satisfies a guest’s desire for a Caribbean adventure with some secluded relaxation. Grand Turk island is only 7 miles long and a mile and a half wide, but is the capital of... read more

Activities in Grand Turk

Blue Water Divers
Blue Water Divers is your ultimate companion while vacationing in Grand Turk. This diving operator company serves you some good reasons that will return you again and again. Scuba diving along with snorkeling is arranged... read more
Screaming Reels
Screaming Reels is one of the leading fishing charters of Grand Turk in Turk and Ciacos Islands. You offshore fishing desire for Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Sailfish and Marlin will easily be fulfilled by them. If you want p... read more

Location of Grand Turk

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