Getting Close to the People from Turks and Caicos Islands

Getting Close to the People from Turks and Caicos
The Turks and Caicos Islands are a beautiful haven in the British Overseas (nearby the Bahamas, the Antilles and the Hispaniola islands). They are not as popular tourist destination as their neighbours, but this is just what makes them even more unique. When not as many people have been there, however, the question of what is it there arises. Most importantly, how do you get along with the people from these islands? Naturally, we need to think about what the native language is and what are the usual holidays, religious habits and cultural preferences.

First and most important, the official language for both the Turks Islands and the Caicos Islands is English. This is because they are British territory. This said, remember that they are still closer to the Americas and hence the official currency is the US Dollar and not the British Pound. Technically speaking, some natives will most probably also understand and communicate well in Spanish language. The local Creole dialect is also spoken by a majority of the islands' inhabitants.

Having gone through the technicalities, let us have some fun and get to know the people on these islands better!

One of the most popular special cultural facts about the region is that they are an amazing source for ripsaw music. This is because music itself is a very important part of the regional culture and especially the one in the Turks and Caicos Islands. This is why the biggest celebrations you will hear of are the Conch Festival (in the Beginning of December) and the annual Music and Cultural Festival (celebrated in July). Talented people from the region and from other parts of the world unite to share the beauty of sound with each other. The local people, both young and elderly, would always enjoy a chat about good music with anyone.

Apart of the locals' love for melodies and good songs, they are also avid fans and players of European football, cricket; they also enjoy fishing and sailing to an almost professional extent. A quiet morning at the bay area would always bring a smile to anyone's face, especially if the fish caught is large!

How do the natives combine Creole with British and US? How do they manage to enjoy multicultural, internationally popular festivals with the loud music and 24/7 dances alongside the quiet ambiance of a good fishing? This is one of the secret abilities of the people from the Turks and the Caicos Islands - they are adventurous. They enjoy life as it is and like it this way - with its loud sides and with its quiet ones. Unlike in some big and famous countries, you don't' have to necessarily speak the local language like a native, you don't have to forget about your own culture and the way you enjoy having fun - you should just visit these picturesque isles and enjoy yourself.

Getting close to the locals is no problem at all, getting away from them at the end of the trip is. But we can always return to this earthly paradise when the next holiday season comes!

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Date: 01/02/2014

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